Below you will see an idea of what I do, but please contact me for further details or questions. I am reliable, dependable, professional and guarantee my work!
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APPLIANCES - Delivered, removed, installed, some repairs, HAVE DRYERS CLEANED REGULARLY!!! (fire hazard)
ASSEMBLY - Prefabricated items such as IKEA furniture, tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, grills, swingsets, swimming pools, basketball goals, you name it, whatever, etc.
AUTO - Immaculate detailing, including every crack and crevice, vent, under seats. Minor mechanical issues and problems, ask me before you spend thousands at a dealership, I also know an expert mechanic if I cant handle the job or well, just dont want to. Save hundreds of dollars on brakes or many other mechanical issues.
BRICK - Anywhere you need brick you got it, my partner is a professional..... im just here to help on this one! I cant do EVERYTHING!
CARPENTRY - Small to large woodworking projects, if it pertains to wood just ask.
CHIMNEY - If you use your fireplace regularly, have me keep it clean (fire hazard)
CLEANING - Windows, gutters, ceiling fans, entire house etc.
COMPUTER - Does your computer run slow? Clean computer, delete unwanted files for space and speed, organize files, install software and hardware, printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, cameras.
CONCRETE - Walkways, patios, slabs for a building or shed, driveways, foundations, or maybe you know someone who needs shoes made of concrete, my partner does all of these PROFESSIONALLY!!
COOKING - Need a small dinner prepared? the chef is here at your service!!
DECKS - Pressure washed and stained
ELECTRICAL - Ceiling fans installed, new switches, lights, fixtures, outlets, dimmers. Blown circuits? Need an item repaired?
ELECTRONICS - Car stereos, home stereos, home theaters installed. Components installed (Televisions, VCR's, DVD players, video games, speakers, tape decks, turntables, 8 tracks, reel-to-reels. WIRE MANAGEMENT (inconspicuous wiring)
ERRANDS - Out of time? Runner, in/out of town, pick-up/delivery
FENCING - No swords! ..... Need privacy in your yard? Wooden fences, chain link fences, electrical fences, dog fences, privacy fences
GUTTERS - Clean them before they clog and start housing critters! Or if you dont have any then lets keep it that way.
HANGINGS - (No ropes used) Blinds, curtains, shades, pictures, mirrors, shelves, paintings, etc.
HEATING & AIR- Filters changed, ducts cleaned. Thermostats changed. Minor mechanical repairs, check with me before spending an arm and leg first.
HOME MAINTENANCE - Basic upkeep. Broken doors, hinges, knobs. Broken items such as glass, drawers, furniture, cabinets.....whatever does not work.
HOUSEKEEPING - Perfectionist here, cleaned top to bottom!
IKEA - Need your Ikea furniture assembled, it can be quite tricky you know!
JUNK REMOVAL - old junk cars, scrap metal, yard debris, you get the picture, oh yeah, old pictures too!
KIDS - Bicycles, basketball goals, playhouses and swingsets assembled.
MOVING - In/Out, packing/unpacking, professional mover here. Probably have enough boxes for your move as well!
ORGANIZING - Tired of a cluttered, unorganized garage, basement, shed, attic, closet, kitchen, house, life??? It leads to stress, let me unstress you!
PAINTING - Interior/Exterior....Change is good! Just change the trim and door color for a new and improved, fresh and clean look. You will feel better!!
PARTIES - Need to organize a party or get together? Let me help with the arrangements....Running, supplies, presentation. Wouldn't mind attending either!
PESTS - Got unwanted pests you would like to rid yourself of... mice, bees, wasps, ants, neighbors, wife, kids, husband!
PETS - Pet sitting while out of town, vet visits, finding lost pets.
PLASMAS AND FLAT SCREENS - Plasma Televisions professionally hung practically anywhere you want one!! Hundreds on my resume.
PLUMBING - New fixtures installed. Leaky pipes and faucets, clogged pipes and toilets.
POOLS - Need your pool cleaned out and ready for summer?? Having pump issues and the pool companies want to charge you a $1000??? Give me a call
PRESSURE WASHING - Does your house, driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck, concrete statues or columns look as clean as the neighbors??? Better make sure!
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Need someone to look out for your property or real estate because you live out of town or just too much on your plate, do the repairs, give you updates, photos, upkeep, insure none of your current repairmen or management is screwing you as they ALL do, collect rents due or past due, eviction processes...One property to one hundred properties..... I have the greatest reference for a trust of this size!!
ROOFING - Minor to major roofing repairs and leaks. I have an awesome roofing crew in place that can have your old roof off and replaced in a day in most cases!! Very professional and guaranteed work! Out with the old roof and in with the new.
SITTING - House sitting, baby sitting or pet sitting.... I have great references!
SHEDS / STORAGE BUILDINGS - Need a place to store your extra junk or your tools or yourself if you get booted by the wifey, I can do it!
SHEETROCK - Dont even ask me to do sheetrock, I HATE it!!! BUT.... I do know an expert I highly recommend if its not just a small patch or something,... I WILL do that.
TILE - Ceramic tiles laid in bathrooms, kitchens, wherever....I even do sticky tiles!
TRASH - Have trash, junk or unwanted items at your home? I can haul it off or may know someone who needs it.
TREES - Any tree Anywhere!! Removed, pruned, hauled off, stumps ground, all professionally done and insured.
YARD MAINTENANCE - Need a better job done than the 'oh so quick' commercial guys? Cutting, edging, weed eating, blowing, pruning, mulching, planting, aerating, dethatching, raking, fertilizing, winterizing. Tree, bush and shrub removal. DONT let your yard suffer from grass clippings.....I BAG!!!
YARD SALE - Want another way to rid yourself of unwanted items..... I can advertise and coordinate a yard sale for you. SIGNAGE IS CRUCIAL for a successful sale!!
ZOOLOGICAL - Just needed a Z but here goes....Unwanted deer, possums, snakes, birds, etc. In your home, I can remove them........ In Florida now so I see I need to add gators and maybe some geese too.
Anything I forgot to add, questions or comments, please reply to:
William 'Jason' Pearson

Myspace.com/WilyumJay ...... to see who your dealing with since photos may not be posted here, very professional and clean cut!
Facebook.com/WilyumJay ...... or if all else fails just search my name
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